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About CGI

Providing quality 3M™ window film solutions for commercial and residential needs

Convenience Group Inc. (CGI) is an authorized 3M Window Film dealer, providing a wide range of window film solutions for both commercial and residential applications across Canada. For over 40 years, we have been a master Canadian distributor and authorized dealer of 3M Architectural and Window Films, so we are able to offer leading-edge, innovative products; highly experienced consulting; superior design; and expert installation.


Our window film solutions include:

  • Solar window film for sun control to control problems associated with sun control, including comfort, energy savings, fade reduction, and glare.

  • Window film for property security, privacy, and safety to reduce: injury from broken glass, break-in and smash and grab, blast mitigation and terrorism, and natural disasters.

  • Decorative graphic film for windows and textured surfaces, popular among interior designers and architects who incorporate Frosted Film and other Graphic Film Solutions in their designs.

  • Large-format digital print capabilities are available to showcase your designs as big as you can imagine them.

Convenience Group’s window film products and solutions include:

  • Architectural Finishes

  • Bird Collision Deterrent Systems

  • Corporate Image Enhancement

  • Create Privacy

  • Fading and Glare Control

  • Full- Service Graphics

  • Increased Comfort

  • Large Format Digital Printing

  • Large-Project Consulting

  • National Service Capability

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Safety and Security Laminates

  • Signage and Construction Wraps

  • Sun Control



We are also able to provide true multi-location project management across Canada through our national dealer network Window Film Canada. For more information explore our website or contact us toll-free at 1-888-835-5885.

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